Spring 2013 (Vol. 39)

Inside English 2013

Inside English 2013

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Editor: Sean Stratton


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“The Power of Literature”
By Alison Kuehner, Ohlone College

“Applying Appreciative Inquiry to Teaching in Language Arts and Improving Faculty Professional Service”
By Charmaine Phipps, Chaffey College

“Reweaving the Rainbow: Using Literature to Teach Critical Thinking”
By Santi Tafarella, Antelope Valley College

“Keats, Derrida, and Expanding the Definitions of Student Success”
By Nicelle Davis and Charles Hood, Antelope Valley College

“Elevating the Discourse in Developmental Writing Classrooms”
By David Fulton

“From Classroom to Laboratory: Teaching English with Experiments and Props”
By Emily Anderson, Cerritos, Harbor, and Pierce Colleges

“The Personal Narrative” (a poem)
By Eric Odegaard

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